Welcome to LOViE Beans

who is LOViE Beans?

My name is Ginger M. Galloway. I started LOViE Beans on the urging of a friend who said my art made her smile. And, hey, why not? Life and the things in it should make us smile. I am an artist, poet and an author. I make my own soaps and I quilt and crochet. I can jams and jellies. All of that, and a smidge more, all while raising 7 children with my sweetheart of many moons <3 Life and family are blessings. What is not to smile about?

LOViE Beans is a combination of the surnames of my maternal grandparents LaBertha Love and Edward Bean. Much of my handiwork was passed down to me through generations of creative men and women. Fun and whimsical, I thought what better way to honor my ancestors as I work to bring joy to the world around me!

the boutique

LOViE Beans is a boutique, a haberdashery of things that are a delight to create and a joy to share. Books, shoes, bags, artwork, photography, tshirts, notebooks, quilts, soaps, jellies and jams and who knows what else might show up in the shop. Come back often see what is new. I make and design everything you find here.

custom orders

I am happy to oblige custom designs. Let me know what you are looking for and we can work together to make it happen. Simply email me at smiles@loviebeans.com.

Thanks for stopping by!